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ISSN: 1570-0186

LPCA Text Archives is an electronic archive of African popular texts. Popular varieties of African langaugea are used as the primary medium or vehicle of popular culture. At the same time, they and the texts produced in them are among the most conspicuous materializations of this culture.

Like its LPCA sister series Archives of Popular Swahili, LPCA Texts Archives wants to preserve and document popular or colloquial texts, both oral and written, with the aim of promoting the study and appreciation of vernacular varieties of African languages and their role in African culture and society.

LPCA Text Archives publishes text materials that have remained unpublished or are otherwise hard to access. Such materials may include letters, autobiographies, lyrics, religious tracts, out of print text collections, locally produced books, journals and magazines, or transcripts of field recordings. If you know of materials that may be included in LPCA Text Archives, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or regular mail.

Contributions to LPCA Text Archives are published as separate volumes. A volume may consist of several issues.

Published Volumes

Listed here are all published volumes of LPCA Text Archives. Each text, or corpus of texts, is published as a separate volume

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